AP Psych Review

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wernicke's areacomprehends wordsbottom-upsensationtop-downperceptionproactive interferenceloss of new informationretroactive interferenceloss of old informationlithiumtreats bipolar disorderlibruimtreats anxietymotor stripthe motor is in the front of the car, so it's in the frontal lobe, no parietalparasympatheticparachute, they both slow you downillusory correlationthe perception of a relationship where none exists because we only notice instances that fit our existing schemas or stereotypes (confirmation bias)acetylcholine (ACH)excitatory neurotransmitter related to movement of all muscles, as well as arousal, attention, anger, aggression, sexuality and thirst; alzheimer's diseasedopamine (DA)inhibitory neurotransmitter that controls posture and movement; parkinson's and schizophreniaGama-aminobutyric Acid (GABA)inhibits central nervous system and regulates anxiety; anxiety disorders, hunington's diseaseGlutamate (GLU)major excitatory neurons in central nervous system. important for learning and memory. alzheimer'snorepinephrinepsychological arousal, mood changes, sleep and learning; bipolarserotoninregulates sleep, mood, appetite, pain; depressionendorphinspain control; addictionadrenal cortexregulates salt and carbohydrates metabolism; steroidsadrenal medullaprepares body for action' adrenaline noradrenalinegonadsaffects reproductive organs, sexual behavior and physical development. estrogen, progesterone and testosteronehypothalamuscontrols the pituitary; neurotransmitterspancreasregulates sugar metabolism; insulin and glucagenpituitary glandmaster gland; growth and other glands; thyrotropin, oxytocin, coritcotrophinthyroidregulates metabolismsensorimotor (0-2)piaget; object permanence develops along with stranger anxietypreoperational (2-6)piaget; kids can't think logically about abstractions so fantasy is reality.concrete operational (6-12)piaget; kids do think logically about concrete things. they also learn relationships go two waysformal operational (12+)piaget; learn to think and reason abstractly about things like justice and to forecast the future based on the past.