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  1. Subliminal perception
  2. Model
  3. Osgood's model
  4. Selective attention
  5. Scalability
  1. a developed in a way to be upgraded, able to be adapted
  2. b people can be influenced by stimuli of which they are not aware
  3. c to tune out; tendency for individuals to pay attention to those parts of a message that agree with beliefs and ignore those that don't
  4. d theoretical and simplified representation of the real world
  5. e complete communication system; stresses social nature

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  1. selecting/using facts that are biased
  2. intended, unintended
  3. use common folk to plug product
  4. 10 sources
  5. takes philosophic approach, emphasizes broader social structure, focuses on who owns communication system

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  1. Selective exposureto recall; recall is influenced by wants, needs, attitudes


  2. Name callinggiving an idea a bad label (terrorism)


  3. Bandwagoneveryone should join because everyone else is doing it


  4. External validityability of a measure to provide the same results time after time within acceptable margins of error if applied to the phenomena under the same conditions


  5. Embedshidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising