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  1. Peer review
  2. Descriptive statistics
  3. Result of either/or thinking
  4. Cognitive
  5. Perception
  1. a helps guard against bias
  2. b may not make data invalid, but may skew data
  3. c process by which we interpret sensory data through the five senses
  4. d take large amount of data and reduce it to manageable amounts
  5. e knowledge of things, messages provide information and thoughts

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  1. to tune out; tendency for individuals to pay attention to those parts of a message that agree with beliefs and ignore those that don't
  2. hidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising
  3. do differences in obtained results from experimental treatment or other factors; required if drawing conclusions from data
  4. to recall; recall is influenced by wants, needs, attitudes
  5. do various subparts of a test provide comparable data?

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  1. Bullet theoryaudience members were isolated from one another and therefore vulnerable targets easily influenced by mass comm messages


  2. Media convergencecoming together of services that have been separate


  3. Results of theoryeither confirm, partially confirm or reject hypothesis


  4. Cyberspace10 sources


  5. Referenceshidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising


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