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  1. Transactional view of perception
  2. Media effects thinking process
  3. Card stacking
  4. Survey research
  5. Hypothesis
  1. a both perceiver and world are active participants in the act of perception
  2. b selecting/using facts that are biased
  3. c scientific proposition, framed in conditional form (cause and effect)
  4. d study of a portion or sample of research, compares relationships between variables by correlating
  5. e awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, purpose

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  1. experts
  2. effect not created by cause but is assumed to be
  3. either confirm, partially confirm or reject hypothesis
  4. Needs symmetry or agree to disagree
  5. complete communication system; stresses social nature

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  1. Case studyused to examine many characteristics of a single subject; learn about everything related to case over specific area of time


  2. Selective exposurebased on observations and testing of our assumptions against "real world" evidence


  3. Aristotle's rhetorical proofscomplete communication system; stresses social nature


  4. Content analysiswhat does this all mean; interpretation and significance of data


  5. Mass communication trendsdirected toward large, heterogeneous, and anonymous audiences; messages are transmitted publically, simultaneously and are transient; communicator operates in complex organization that may involve great expense