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  1. Subliminal perception
  2. Prime
  3. Research question
  4. Tenacity
  5. Embeds
  1. a hidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising
  2. b beliefs we've always held true
  3. c question asked with the intent of researching
  4. d people can be influenced by stimuli of which they are not aware
  5. e using concepts that influence the way people behave

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  1. scientific proposition, framed in conditional form (cause and effect)
  2. either confirm, partially confirm or reject hypothesis
  3. people are general resistant to mass comm messages, making them have very little power
  4. communicators want a certain effect to happen when they broadcast a message
  5. logic

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  1. Media effects thinking processawareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, purpose


  2. Plain folksuse common folk to plug product


  3. Schram's modelcomplete communication system; stresses social nature


  4. Descriptive statisticstake large amount of data and reduce it to manageable amounts


  5. Bullet theoryset of systematically related generalizations suggesting new observations for empirical testing