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  1. Conative
  2. Schema
  3. Replication
  4. Noncorresponding system
  5. Results
  1. a receive message; decide if message is new or old; compare sources, look for new information; if not satisfied with source, disregard info
  2. b message is garbled
  3. c behavior towards things; message stimulates or directs desires
  4. d repeating an experiment
  5. e what did you find, present data

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  1. associating something with a virtue word
  2. classic method of dealing with questions of causality; provides answers of cause and effect
  3. credibility
  4. must be exhaustive, need organization principal
  5. to explain effects, uses, how people learn and how media shapes people's values and views

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  1. Process of scientific theorygeneralization, hypothesis, theory, law, model


  2. Methodologygeneral statement that summarizes our understanding of the way the world works; explains something difficult to understand


  3. Primeemotion


  4. Intended effectcommunicators want a certain effect to happen when they broadcast a message


  5. Blink adslogic