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  1. Funnel approach
  2. Internal reliability
  3. Approach
  4. Pathos
  5. Corresponding systems
  1. a do various subparts of a test provide comparable data?
  2. b emotion
  3. c narrowing a topic to a point where the topical is manageable, very specific and self-defined
  4. d framework within which a theory is tested
  5. e replicate messages

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  1. receive message; decide if message is new or old; compare sources, look for new information; if not satisfied with source, disregard info
  2. statement of uniformities in relations between two or more variables of well-defined classes
  3. cognitive structure consisting of organized knowledge that has been taken from other situations
  4. ability of a measure to provide the same results time after time within acceptable margins of error if applied to the phenomena under the same conditions
  5. convergence, media scarcity to media abundance, audience of one, interactive

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  1. Media convergencecoming together of services that have been separate


  2. Independent variabledo differences in obtained results from experimental treatment or other factors; required if drawing conclusions from data


  3. Transferusing concepts that influence the way people behave


  4. Media effects thinking processpeople are general resistant to mass comm messages, making them have very little power


  5. Gerbner model10 sources