Intro to Fashion chapter 1

Salt Lake Community College Covers chapter 1 in World of Fashion fourth edition
Rose Burtin
Minister of fashion for the French court
Designed for Marie Antoinette
France's premier designer
First known designer
Charles Worth
First house of fashion (hoat couture)
First to use dolls
First to use fashion book
First to use live models
Born in England
Paul Poiret designs
Hobble skirts
Lamp shade tunics
New uniform for French army
Paul Poiret
Did away with corsets
First to introduce a "new look"
John Kay
Flying shuttle
James Hargreaves
Spinning jenny
Edmund Cartwright
Power loom
Eli Whitney
Cotton gin
Elias Howe
invented sewing machine, didn't get a patent
Isaac Singer
Added a foot treddle to sewing machine and DID get a patent, also knew how to market
Flying shuttle is
wooden shuttle w/ spool of yarn manipulated by foot peddle on loom. *Now yarn spinners can't keep up with weavers
Spinning jenny is
8 spinning wheels in one, spins 8 threads at a time only one person to operate
*Now cotton pickers can't keep up with spinsters
Cotton Gin is
mesh screen that shakes and bounces the cotton seeds out of the cotton
*Now sewers can't keep up with the production of fabric and thread
Sweat shops
Cramped working conditions
Long hours for pennies per hour
Poor immigrants hired to sew
No breaks/doors locked from outside
Children of all ages welcomed
Triangle shirtwaist factory
Infamous sweat shop
fire started on 7th floor
workers locked in/ bars on windows
about 146 sewers died
*Results= Union Success!!!
Limited-line stores
only sold one product
example= Nordstrom only sold shoes
Department stores
Had different departments that offered different products
examples= Hudson, Wannamaker
Offered a wide variedty of products that could be ordered via mail
examples=Sears & Roebuck, Montgomery Ward
Catalogs classified things as:
Good, Better, and Best