33 terms

4th Grade Social Studies Chapter 1 Test

The place where a river begins.
place where a river empties into a larger body of water
natural resources
something found in nature that people can use, such as water, soil and trees
renewable resources
natural resources that can be replaced
nonrenewable resources
natural resources that cannot be replaced
the surroundings in which people, plants and animals live
the height of the land above sea level
the protecting of natural resources and using them wisely
wind, percipitation, temperature
what are the features that make up weather and climate
distance from equator, elevation, oceans, landforms
what things affects climate
absolute location
exact location of a place
relative location
where a place is in relation to other places on Earth
trees, water, grass
example of a renewable natural resources
mineral and fuel, copper, coal, livestock
examples of a nonrenewable natural resource
circles the Earth halfway between the North and South Poles
Northern Hemisphere
The U.S. is north of the equator so it is in what hemisphere?
North America
The continent our nation is on
The United States shares much of its southern ________with Mexico
mountains, plateaus, hills and plains
four major landforms in the United States
The Ozark____________is a high, flat area of land on the Interior Plains.
The Mississippi River also runs through the Interior Plains. Its ____________is a small lake in Minnesota.
The Mississippi's River's ___________is the Gulf of Mexico
paper, oxygen
Human uses for the natural resouce, trees
drink, wash hands
Human uses for natural resouce, water
sand, soil
Human uses for natural resource, minerals
cars, run machines
Human uses for natural resource fuels
kind of weather a place has over a long time
amount of water that falls to Earth's surface as rain, sleet or snow
moisture in the air
all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service.
features such as mountains, hills, plains and valleys that make up Earth's surfaces
South of Canada and North of Mexico
What is the relative location of the United States
Interior plains
What landform stretches between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains