ANTH Chapter 10

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Writing in the context of economic and governmental change, and social upheaval.
He sees 2 distinguished classes of people come out of the emerging capitalist economy: Bourgeoisie and Proletariat. This was important in his understanding of power relations.
Labor is the key source of value and profit in the marketplace
ProletariatMarxist term for working class who only own their labor.Max WeberSimilar context as Marx. Added power and prestige to his conversation of wealth and income.PrestigeWeber term which referred to the reputation, influence, and deference bestowed on certain people because pf their membership in certain groups.Life ChancesWeber idea which referred to an individual's opportunities to improve quality of life and to achieve life goals. This is determined by access to financial and social resources.Pierre Bourdieu20th- early 21st century. He studied the French educational system to understand the relationship between class, culture, and power.Social MobilityThe movement of one's class position, up or down, in stratified societies.Social reproductionBourdieu's research uncovered that social and class relations of prestige or lack of prestige are passed from one generation to the nextHabitusBourdieu's term to descrbie the self-perceptions and beliefs that develop as part of one's social identity and shape on'es conceptions of the world and where one fits into it. EX. life decisions like choice of college education or career are made on one's family's habitus.Cultural capitalBourdieu's term to describe the knowledge, habits, and tatsets learne from parents and family that individuals can use to gain access to scarce and valuable resources in society.Leith Mullings