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An image on a computer screen is made up of a matrix of what?


What does dots per inch (DPI) measure?

The density of the pixels on a computer screen.

Which type of graphics saves and remembers a red line as a red line instead of as pixels?


Which type of graphic editing program offers artists and editors the ability to control textures, shading, and fine detail?


Which type of software allows engineers, designers, and architects to use computers to design products?

CAD (Computer-aided design)

Which software application allows multimedia presentations to be created?


What is the process of creating motion from still images?


Which term describes seeing an image displayed on the screen at the same time it is being captured?

Real time

What type of software creates a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the Internet?


Give an example of something that is NOT typically considered to be interactive media?

Listening and watching a prerecorded newscast on your PC

Pixels are directly controlled by the user instead of the software. True or False?


The best way to view yellow, blue, and red colors is to use gray-scale graphics. True or False?


Analog video technology is the latest in video technology. True or False?


Hypertext allows information to be linked only in sequential format. True or False?


Internet radio stations typically allow music to be downloaded. True or False?


Public domain software is free to anyone. True or False?


Define "Downloading"

Saving a file located on another computer to a local computer

Define "Podcast"

A radio-style program that can be downloaded to a computer

Define "Animation"

Creating motion from still images

Define "Tweening"

Creating key frames and objects with the use of software to help fill in the movement of the objects in the in-between frames

Define "Nonlinear Editing"

Allows video editing to occur at any sequence

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