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Ancient Rome


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Attila The Hun
The leader of the Hun Empire that invaded the Roman Empire. A barbarian leader.
Byzantine Empire
The Eastern Empire of the Roman Empire. The capital was Constantinople. Run by the Greeks.Rome splits into two empires to make it easier to control and rule.
The first Christian Emperor of Rome. Declares Rome a christian empire. Spreads Christianity throughout empire.
Raised tunnels used to carry water from the mountains to the cities. Irrigation systems in Rome.
Pax Romana
The Roman Golden Age during the first 200 years of the Roman Empire. Roman peace, stable government
Caesar Octavian "Augustus"
Caesar's adopted son who became next emperor after Caesar's death. Leader during the Golden Age of Rome
Julius Caesar
A great general who fought for the Plebeians rights and overthrew the Republic. Made himself the first dictator of Rome and is killed by his peers.
A ruler during the Roman Empire this person had total power of the Empire of Rome.
Roman Empire
A time in Rome when the government was ruled by a Dictator.
A slave or captive who was forced to fight to the death in a public arena against another person or wild animal. This was entertainment. If you won it could earn you freedom.
Punic Wars
A series of wars between Rome and Carthage, a city in Northern Africa. Fought over resources, land, power and control.
Checks and Balances
A method of balancing power so that one group doesn't become too powerful. Used in our government today.
To prohibit actions by other officials. If you don't agree you will use your veto power to stop it.
Roman Assembly
A council that protected the rights of the Plebeians. Voted on laws.
Roman Senate
A council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the leaders. On this for a life term.
The title of the two most powerful magistrates. Leaders that created law and lead army. Controlled military and government
Government officials who were elected. (Judges, tax collectors, Urban planners)
Rome's Upper Class. Held political power.
Rome's lower class. (Artisans, Laborers, Farmers)
The Republic
Government ran by elected leaders chosen by the people. Broken into 3 parts (Senate, Assembly, Magistrates)
Tiber River
The physical feature where Rome was built. The river was shallow making it easy to cross. (provided travel to trade in the sea)