27 terms

27 Amendments & Ways to remember them

If you must memorize the 27 Amendments, these are the perfect cards.

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Free Speech, press, religion, and assembly
2- Two bear arms
Right to bear arms
3- Three's a crowd
No quartering of troops in homes
4- Four doors on a car (think the police want to search your car)
No unreasonable searches/seizures
5 (I plead the 5th)
A person may not be tried twice for the same crime and does not have to testify against themself
6- Speedy Six
Right to speedy and public trial and right to lawyer and counsel
7- You're lucky (777) to get a trial
Right to trial by jury in civil cases
8- Sideways handcuffs
No excessive bail, fines, cruel/unusual punishment
9- Makes more rights mine
Rights not enumerated retained by people
10- Federal laws are what are writTEN
Powers not delegated to Congress or prohibited to states belong to states or people
11- 1 on 1
No federal cases between state, citizen of other state
12- 1 ballot, 2nd ballot
The electoral college will vote seperately for president and VP rather than together in one ballot
13- Free
Slavery is outlawed!
Citizenship to former slaves
15- Vote
Right to vote can't be denied by race
16- Turn 16= job
Congress can levy individual income taxes
17- senators seventeen
Direct election of senators
18- nope 21
Prohibition of liquors (1917)
19- becomes a woman
Right to vote for women (1919)
20- January 20th
Dates for inauguration, Congress's session
21- let's drink!
Repeal of prohibition (1933)
22- 2 terms
Presidential term limits
23- twenty three rhymes with DC
D.C. residents' vote for president
24- no poll tax at the door
Ban on poll taxes
25- if he ain't alive
Appointment of new vice president, presidential incompetence
26- 2 + 6= 8
Right to vote for 18-year olds (1971)
27- the last one ..
Reps cannot set their own pay