nothing happens on 90th ..spelling 10/28-10/31

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bachelora man who has never been marriedbehaviorA theoretical orientation based on the premise that scientific psychology should study only observable behaviorcalendarA system of organizing time that defines the beginning, length, and divisions of a yearwaitera person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant)singular1. Adjective, denoting a single person or thing, contrasted to more than onemaneuverTo handily or skillfully go around somethingobserverTendency of observers to see what they expect to seewanderTo go from place to place with no plan or purpose in mindtraitora person who says one thing and does anotherjanitorsomeone employed to clean and maintain a buildinghealthyWHOLESOMEaccept1. agreeing to the terms of an offer to enter into a contract, thereby creating a binding contract. 2. taking a delivery of a deed.prepareto make or get readyclamorLoud noise or shoutingrescuersomeone who saves something from danger or violence