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to ask for; to order
to serve; to be useful
to measure; to be # tall
yo sirvo
I serve
tú mides
you (inf) measure; you (inf) are # tall
ella sirve
she serves
yo pido
I order/ I ask for
nosotros pedimos
We order/ We ask for
vosotros pedís
You all (inf) order/ You all (inf) ask for
los jugadores siguen
The players follow
nosotros decimos
We say; we tell
vosotros decís
You all (inf) say; You all (inf) tell
nosotros servimos
We serve
vosotros servís
You all (inf) serve
to say; to tell
yo digo
I say; I tell
tú dices
you (inf) say; you (inf) tell
él dice
he says; he tells
ustedes dicen
you all (formal) say; you all (formal) tell
to repeat
yo repito
I repeat
tú repites
you (inf) repeat
ella repite
she repeats
él repite
he repeats
nosotros repetimos
we repeat
vosotros repetís
you all (inf) repeat
ellos repiten
they repeat
to follow; to keep on
yo sigo
I follow
tú sigues
you (inf) follow
él sigue
he follows
ella sigue
she follows
nosotros seguimos
we follow
vosotros seguís
you all (inf) follow
to get (obtain)
yo consigo
I get (obtain)
tú consigues
you (inf) get (obtain)
ella consigue
she gets (obtains)
nosotros conseguimos
we get (obtain)
vosotros conseguís
you all (inf) get (obtain)
ustedes consiguen
you all (form) get (obtain)
to laugh
yo río
I laugh
tú ríes
you (inf) laugh
usted ríe
you (form) laugh
ella ríe
she laughs
nosotros reímos
we laugh
vosotros reís
you all (inf) laugh
ellos ríen
they laugh
to smile
yo sonrío
I smile
tú sonríes
you (inf) smile
ella sonríe
she smiles
nosotros sonreímos
we smile
vosotros sonreís
you all (inf) smile
ustedes sonríen
you all (formal) smile

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