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Richard Nixon
Eased tensions during the Cold War, resigned due to the Watergate scandal
Watergate Affair
Government scandal that began in 1972 and led to the resignation of President Nixon in 1974
US v. Nixon
1974 Supreme Court decision that required President Nixon to turn White House tapes over to the courts.
New York Times v. US
Supreme Court ruling in 1971 that newspapers cannot be censored by the government if there is no threat to national security.
26th Amendment
Lowered the voting age from 21 to 18; created due to the Vietnam War
Ralph Nader
Consumer rights crusader; wrote Unsafe at Any Speed (1965) to expose the lack of safety standards for cars
Rachel Carson
Writer, scientist, and environmentalist whose book, Silent Spring (1962) identified the hazards of agricultural pesticides
Gerald Ford
• Only president not to be elected by the American public; pardoned Nixon for which he was both criticized and praised
A combination of too much unemployment and too much inflation, both occurring at the same time.
Jimmy Carter
President who negotiated the Camp David Accords but faced a struggle due to the Iran Hostage Crisis
Camp David Accords
A peace treaty between Israel and Egypt where Egypt agreed to recognize the nation state of Israel
Cesar Chavez
Latino leader of California farm workers from 1962 until his death in 1993, organized the United Farm Workers (UFW) to help migrant farm workers gain better pay and working conditions
United Farm Workers
Organization of migrant workers formed to win better wages and working conditions led by Cesar Chavez
Betty Friedan
Women's rights activist whose book The Feminine Mystique encouraged women to find their own identity outside of marriage, helped to found the National Organization for Women (NOW)
Equal Rights Amendment
Constitutional amendment passed by Congress but never ratified that would have banned discrimination on the basis of gender
Roe v. Wade
Supreme Court declared abortion to be a private decision, Right to Abortion
American Indian Movement
Native American organization founded in 1968 to protest government policies and injustices suffered by Native Americans.