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Heart (packet 7)

Packet 7 AAMI Dr.D
description of heart
*hollow muscular organ
*cone shaped
*size of your fist
*3.5" wide x 5" long
*four chambers
location of heart
*in mediastinum
*placed obliquely with 2/3
*right border sits on diaphram
wide top portion of Heart
called base
lies superior...to the right
narrow inferior portion
called apex
lies inferior...to the left
outer later
*serous membrane
Visceral Pericardium/Epicardium
sits right on top of the heart
Pericardial cavity filled w/ pericardial fluid
found between visceral/pareital pericardium
Parietal Pericardium
outer layer
*middle layer
*muscular layer
*made of cardiac muscle tissue/striated & involuntary
*thickest layer of the heart
*forms the bulk of the heart wall
*responsible for pumping action
*inner layer
*made out of thin layer of endothelium
*not only covers the valves of heart - but also continuous w/ endothelial lining of blood vessels
upper chambers
known as right & let ATRIA (they receive blood)
lower chambers
*right & left ventricles (thickest of all)
*send blood out of heart
*thicker than the Atria
septal walls
divisions w/in the heart
interatrial septum
wall that separates the right atrium from left atrium
atrio-ventricular septum
wall that separates the atria from the ventricles
right atrio-ventricular septum
separates Right Atrium from Right Ventricle
left atrio-ventricular septum
wall that separates Left Atrium from Left Ventricle
interventricular septum
wall that separates right ventricle from left ventricle
function of a valve
allows the blood to flow in one direction preventing back-flow and or regurgitation
Tricuspid valve or right atrio-ventricular valve
*located btwn Right Atrium & Right Ventricle
*called this because it has THREE cusps/flaps
Bicuspid valve; mitral valve or left atrio-ventricular valve
*located btwn Left Atrium & Left Ventricle
*called this because it has TWO cusps/flaps
Pulmonary semi-lunar valve
found @ the orifice of the pulmonary trunk
Aortic semi-lunar valve
found @ the orifice of the AORTA
Superio Vena Cava (SVC)
LARGE vein carrying de-oxygenated blood from all areas above the diaphragm
where? [right atrium]
Inferior Vena Cave (IVC)
LARGE vein carrying de-oxygenated blood from all areas below the diaphragm
where? [right atrium]
Coronary Sinus
vein that is located in Posterior wall of the Right Atrium that returns blood to the heart itself (coronary circulation)
where? [right atrium]
Pectinate Muscles
*located in the anterior wall of the Atria (both)
*muscular ridges that run parallel to each other (resemble teeth on a comb)
where? [right atrium]
Fossa Ovalis (ovale)
*oval-shaped depression located in the septal wall of the Right Atrium
*is remainder of the Foramen Ovale - in the fetal heart which normally closes soon after birth
where? [right atrium]
Trabeculae Carnae
*located in anterior wall
*series of ridges formed by irregular folds of the myocardium
where? [right ventricle]
Chordae Tendineae
fibrous chords that attach to the under-surface of the valves & to papillary muscles
where? [right ventricle]
Papillary Muscles
cone-shaped muscles located in the anterior wall of the ventricles that project upward into the Lumena of the ventricles
where? [right ventricle]
Pulmonary Veins
vessels that return Oxygenated Blood to the heart (from the Lungs)
where? [left atrium]
Left Ventricle
this chamber mimics the right ventricle because it also contains: trabeculae carneae, chordae tendineae & papillary muscles
Sinoatrial Node (SA Node)
*located in wall of right atrium
*acts as the pacemaker of the heart
*initiates cardial cycle which causes both Atria to contract
Atrioventricular Node (AV Node)
*located in right atrio-ventricular septum
*acts as the receiving & transfer station for cardiac impulses
*picks up impulses from the SA node & delivers it to the bundle of his
Bundle of His
located on either side of the inter-ventricular septum
Purkinje Fibers
emerge from the 'bundle of His' & electrical impulses travel through these fibers until it comes in contact w/ heart muscle associated w/ the myocardium of the ventricles