Religion Ch 9 Ava THS

What was the first Sacrifice?
Cain and Able
What does God look at where you make an offering?
the heart
What 3 things are required for a sacrifice?
Priest,Altar, and Victim
Explain the Cain and Able story
Cain gave God leftovers of his crops while Able gave his best lamb to God. Cain became so jealous of Able hat he killed him. After killing Able he ran away but God gave him the mark saying he couldnt be killed and had to die naturally
Who was Melchizedek
He was a king of Salem and he offered bread and wine to God as a sacrifice.
Explain how Jesus was Altar, Victim, and Priest
Priest- He made the Eucharist
Altar- Jesus offered Himself
Victim- He died on the cross