hunters and gathers

what where early humans?
what did hunters hunt?
what do gathers gather?
what did early humans do when food ran out?
move to a new location
what did early humans depend on?
they depended on nature: lived in caves, and shelters made of rock, branches, and animal skin
how many people live in small bands ?
about 30 people, several familys
what do the small bands reflect on?
how many people could live off food in region
what did men hunt?
what did woman gather?
nuts, berries
also cared for childern, childern also worked
what where hunter-gathers called?
nomads (people who moved place to place)
when would they return to the same places?
with the changes of the season (bands joined together at certain times of the year and made commuties)
what would they do when they where migrating?
would move to distant lands while following animals to hunt
what does migration mean?
moving from one place to settle in another
when did hunter-gathers migrate through most of the world?
15,000 b.c.
what did they cross to migrate?
crossed land bridge between Siberia and Alaska , entering America
what happend when they went into someons territory?
-groups shared knowledge and tools
- sometimes caused violent conflicts, if groups feared eachother?
when did humans begin to be able to handle fire?
500,000 yrs ago
what did fire provide?
protected them from animals, heat, light, cooked food, temtal tools
what does mean?
the way knowledge, toold, invention are applie to meet needs
when where stone cutting tools first made?
2 million years ago
what are some tools?
axes, bags, awld, drills
what are some complex tools?
bows, flint spearheads, and metal tools
what where tools ward for?
hunt and butcher animals,and build simple shelters
how did technology help?
help humand control enviroment, lead to settle lives
why did language develope?
so people could work together
possibly develope to aid in hunting gathering and sharing food
what does religion mean?
worship of God, gods, spirits
what did early humand believe?
things in nature,some thing cave paintings honor spirits of animals killed for food
where are prohistoric art paintings?
Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and America
how many cave paintings where disccovered in France ans Spain?
most show bulls, stallions, and bison
what kind of portianle art did early humand whear?
(jewelry, figurines)
items might have had religious meanings
what are other kinds art?
music, dance, and art