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听妈妈的话 - Tīng Māma Dehuà - If You Listen to Mama's Words by Jay Chou - Chorus - hanzi-pinyin/english
listen (hear, heed, obey, allow, let, administer, MW tin can)
听 tīng
if ("de-speech")
的话 dehuà
don't (separate, other, another, to leave, to differentiate, to fasten, to stick in sth.)
别 bié
allow (let, yield, induce sb. to do sth., transfer possession, offer)("word-up"
让 ràng
of (by, plus, -er, 's - possessive)
的 de
hurt ( injured, wounded, "receive-wound", "receive-injury")
受傷 shòushāng
receive (accept, endure, suffer, be subjected to, be pleasant)
受 shòu
wound (injury; to injure; fall ill from; damage; harm; sad, distressed, wounded)
傷 shāng
think (feel, consider, suppose, reckon, feel like doing sth., miss, remember with longing)
想 xiǎng
quickly (soon "fast-fast" "quick-quick")
快快 kuàikuài
fast (quick, sharp, soon, quick-witted, ingenious, straightforward, pleased, elated)
快 kuài
ability (talent; only "talent-able")
才能 cáinéng
talent (ability; only then; just now)
才 cái
can (be able; capable of; capability; energy)
能 néng
protect (take care of, safeguard "protect-guard" "protect-shield")
保护 bǎohù
protect (guarantee; keep; guarantor)
保 bǎo
guard (protect; shield; cover; be partial to)
护 hù
grow up (mature "grow-big")
长大 zhǎngdà
grow (grow up, increase; older, elder, head)
长 zhǎng
beautiful ("beauty-majestic")
美丽 měilì
beauty (perfection, America; United States, beautiful, pretty, good, virtue, self-satisfied)
美 měi
majestic (beautiful)
丽 lì
gray hair ("white-hair")
白发 báifà
white (clear, pure, plain, turn white prematurely; look askance at)
白 bái
发 fà
happiness (happy "luck-blessing" "good fortune-good fortune", n.)
幸福 xìngfú
luck (good fortune, fortunately, luckily, favor, hope, trust)
幸 xìng
blessing (good fortune, happiness)
福 fú
sprout (germinate, grow "emit-bud" "emit sprout")
发芽 fāyá
emit (send out, deliver, distibute; bring into existence, start, set out, begin, MW amunition shells cartridges)
发 fā
bud (sprout, shoot)
芽 yá
angel (messenger from Heaven; emissary from the emperor "heaven-sent" "heaven-made")
天使 tiānshǐ
heaven (day, sky)
天 tiān
send (make, cause to, enable, use; employ, apply, envoy)
使 shǐ
magic (sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry "demon-magic" "magic-magic")
魔法 mófǎ
demon (evil spirit, monster, magic, mystic)
魔 mó
magic arts (method, way, mode, standard, model, process, mood, follow)
法 fǎ
warm ("mild-genial" "warm-warm")
温暖 wēnnuǎn
mild (warm, temperature, mild temperament, warm-up)
温 wēn
genial (warm, warm up)
暖 nuǎn
within (middle, in, center, interior)
中 zhōng
kind (kindly "compassionate-kindly spirit")
慈祥 cíxiáng
compassionate (kind, loving, merciful)
慈 cí
auspicious (kindly spirit)
祥 xiáng