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2nd semester


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Le dio
He gave him
He/she put
There was/were
se llamaba
He/she was called
He/she was
Tenia un coche
He has a car
Queria ruedas especiales
He wanted special wheels
Fue a Car Toys
He went to Car Toys
Compro las ruedas
He bought the wheels
He spoke/talked
He cried
He looked at
He ran
He shouted
le pego
He hit him
He turned on
He turned off
Queria cuidar a una mascota
He wanted to take care of a pet
Regreso a su casa
He returned to his house
Era tranquila y obediente
It was tranquil and obedient
Hizo travesuras
It made mischeif
Agarro el matamoscas
He grabbed the flywatter
He left
He ate
He took out
He looked for
He threw
Se le olvido por completo
He completely forgot
Se cepilllo sus dientes
He brushed his teeth
¿Trajiste el almuerzo?
Did you bring your lunch?
No te preocupes
Don't worry
Se le cayo su Tic Tac
His Tic Tac fell
He touched/played
He opened
He closed
se acosto
He fell asleep
se desperto
He woke up
se rio
He laughed
He bit
se durmio
He slept
Era egoista y consentido
He was selfish and spoiled
No compartio sus juguetes
He did not share his toys
Se llevaron bien/mal
They got along well/poorly
Los ninos se pelearon
The children fought
Se fue a la casa a jugar
He went to the house to play
He walked
He prepared
He took/carried
He put
Jason tenia mucha hambre
Jason was really hungry
Grito"Ya voy" y camino hacia el telefono
He shouted " I'm coming" and walked towards the phone
¿Cuanto tiempo hace que la rata murio?
How much time has it been since the rat died?
Hace mucho/poco tiempo que la rata murio
It has been a lot/little time since the rat died
He saw
He entered
se ducho
He showered himself
se peino
He combed himself
dio una vuelta
He turned around
Queria encontrar a un hombre
She wanted to find a man
Se puso el vestido de gala
She put on the eveing gown
Se besaron mucho
They kissed a lot
Solo me falta el perfume/mi peluca
I only lack my perfume/ my wig
Era muy chistoso
He was very funny
Conto chistes
He told jokes
No hizo la tarea
He did not do his homework
Saco buenas/ malas notas
He took out good/bad grades
Los estudiantes se rieron mucho
The students laughed a lot
Parecia una chica amable
She seemed like a nice girl
¿Te interesan los vampiros?
Do vampires interest you?
Para nada
for nothing
Estoy loca por los hombres lobos
I am crazy for wolf men
Empezo a fastidiar a Haley
She began to annoy Haley
He smiled
Hizo una pantomima
He did a pantomime
Se bajo del camion
He got out of a truck
Se subio al camion
He got into a truck
Condujo el camion
He drove the truck
Disfruto de la pantomima
She enjoyed the pantomime
Obiaba a los mimos
He hated mimes
Fueron a tomar una clase de la pantomima
They went to take a pantomiming class
Fingio una enfermedad
He faked a sickness
Se quedo callado
He remained quiet
No queria participar
He did not want to participate
Pinto un retarto de Megan Fox
He painted a portrait of Megan Fox
Le llamo la atencion mucho
It called her attention a lot
No pudo prender su camioneta
He could not start his truck
Le hizo un masaje en los pies
He gave her a massage on her feet
Estaba muy impaciente
He was very impatient
Se nos hace tarde
It's getting late for us