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Roman Art

Etrustcans, Archaic Greece
The Mythical Founding of Rome: Romulus and Remus
Statue of wolf suckling Babies: Bronze
Tomb of the Lioness
Young man and woman dancing to a double flute: Frieze Painting (tomb)
Head of a Man
Portrait of Lucius Brutus: Bronze (eyes ivory)
Roman Republic
Artists considered skilled laborers, arts reflected etruscan influence, expansion brought exposure to other arts
Republican Sculpture
Created believable images, admired and created realistic portraits
Aulus Metellus
Roman official with arm raised, was once known as the orator: Bronze
Roman Coinage
Emperor's faces and ships and charriots: Gold, Silver and bronze
Widely circulated coin by caesar
Octavian Augustus
Bare feet, holds a baton, wearing torso armor, cupid on a dolphin next to his right leg: Marble
Ara Pacis Augustae
Rectangular enclosure with altar inside: Marble
Gemma Augusta
A bunch of people, carving: Large onyx Cameo
Roman Colesium
Gold Shell Cameo
Lady playing the Kithara
Naturalistic Figure: Wall Painting
House of Publius Fannius Synistor Boscoreale
Wall paintings and floor mosaics
Roman Mosaic
Poseidon: Small pieces of colored stone, glass or brick and beads
Neptune with Amphitrite
Wall Mosaic: Glass