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Le futur proche


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Je vais chanter.
I am going to sing
Tu vas aller au supermarché ?
You are going to go to the supermarket
Il va jouer au basket.
He is going to play basketball
Elle va faire du ski.
She is going to ski
Nous allons parler français.
We are going to speak French
Vous allez étudier.
Y'all are going to study
Elles vont danser.
They (f) are going to dance
Tu vas manger ?
You are going to eat?
Il va lire.
He is going to read
Nous allons voyager.
We are going to travel
Vous allez dormir.
Y'all are going to sleep
Ils vont regarder la télé.
They are going to watch television
Les filles vont travailler.
The girls are going to work
Je vais jouer au tennis.
I am going to play tennis.
Tu vas faire du vélo ?
You are going to ride bikes?
Elle va aller à la plage.
She is going to the beach
Nous allons dîner au restaurant.
We are going to dine in a restaurant
Vous allez faire les courses.
You are going to go shopping
Ils vont nager.
They are going to swim
Elles vont parler italien à Rome.
They (f) are going to speak Italian in Rome
Tu vas faire la cuisine ?
You are going to cook?
Il va jouer aux jeux vidéo.
He is going to play video games
Elle va faire du sport.
She is going to do sports
Nous allons aller à la bibliothèque.
We are going to go to the library
Ils vont écouter de la musique.
They are going to listen to music