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  1. migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages, for example, from farm to nearby village and later to a town and city
  2. human movement involving movement across international boundaries
  3. human migration flows in which the movers have not choice but to relocate
  4. movement in which people relocate in response to perceived opportunity; not forced.
  5. people who have fled their country because of political persecution and seek asylum in another country

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  1. chain migrationpattern of migration that develops when migrants move along and through kinship links


  2. immigrationthe movement of individuals into a population


  3. cyclic movementMovement - for example, nomadic migration - that has closed route and is repeated annually or seasonally


  4. emmigrationthe movement of individuals into a population


  5. guest workersnegative conditions and perceptions that induce people to leave their adobe and migrate to a new location