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  1. human migration flows in which the movers have not choice but to relocate
  2. The presence of a nearer opportunity that greatly diminishes the attractiveness of sites farther away.
  3. a mathmatical prediction of the interation of places, the interation being a function of population size of the respective places and the distance between them
  4. Movement - for example, nomadic migration - that has closed route and is repeated annually or seasonally
  5. people who have fled their country because of political persecution and seek asylum in another country

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  1. emmigrationmovement of individuals out of a population


  2. step migrationmovement of individuals out of a population


  3. guest workersnegative conditions and perceptions that induce people to leave their adobe and migrate to a new location


  4. voluntary migrationhuman movement within a nation-state, such as going westward and southward movements in the US


  5. internal migrationhuman movement involving movement across international boundaries