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Phrasal verbs 2


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back out (of)
refuse to do something you agreed to do
bring something forward (to)
change to an earlier time
carry on (with)
continue doing
catch up (with)
reach the same place as
cut back/down (on)
reduce, do less of
fit in (with)
be part of a group or plan
get along/on (with)
be friendly with
get on (with)
continue after an interruption
get through (to)
succeed in reaching by phone
keep up (with)
know the latest things about
move on (to)
begin doing another thing
put something back/off (to/until)
change to a later time
put someone through (to)
connect by phone
run out (of)
finish a supply of
sit in (on)
attend a meeting as an observer
stand in (for)
substitute for
come in for
receive criticism or blame
come up with
think of an idea or plan
face up to
deal with a bad situation
fall back on
do something else after other things have failed
get back to
speak or phone again later
get around to
finally do something
go along with
accept existing decisions
put up with
accept something unpleasant in a patient way