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how many books are in the bible?
how many authors wrote the bible?
40 at least and over a very long period of time
what made the authors write the bible?
they were all inspired by god
the bible is split into two parts what is the names of these two parts?
the old and new testament
what part of the bible is holy for the jews?
the first part of the old testament
why is the first part of the old testament so holy for the jews?
because it tells the earlly history of there people
how many books are in the old testament?
what is the old testament split into ?
law, history, prohecy & poetry
why is prophecy the biggest section in the old testament?
because the prophets were prophesing the messiah
the christians belived that who was the person that the prohets were talking about?
what is the begining of the new testament talk about?
the life and teaching of Jesus
what is the life and teaching of jesus in?
four books known as gospels.
what does the word gospel mean?
how many books are in the new testament
21 out of 27 books in the new testament are letters why do you suppose this is?
because after the death and resurrection of Jesus, many of the followers called christians were threatinged by the romans so they fled and set up small christian commties. the purpose of these letter were to support, encourge and resovle problems within the comuities.
Is the bible a scientific book?
how many days did it take god to create the world?
6 days and the 7th day he rested
what was the seris in how he created the earth?
1. light and dark 2. the sky 3. earth, oceans & plants 4. sun, moon & stars 5.Birds & fish 6. people & animals 7. he rested
what did god think on the sixth day after he had finshed?
it was "very good"
he said the world was very good then what did he say?
"let us make humankind in our own image"
what responsibility did god give humankind?
tto care for all living things and the evioment.
what part does the snake play in the garden of enden?
what does adam and eve become aware of after they have eat the fruit?
that they are naked. it was not just phyical changes but they sensed that what they had done was wrong, so they tried to cover themsevles up with fig leaves.
after adam and eve eat the fruit what did they do?
they tried to blame each other they tried to runaway from god. god then expelled them from the garden. however god still cared for them by making clothes for them.
what happened when abels offering was accepted and cains wasnt?
cain killed abel but god still protected he from being killed.
who is the founder of judaism?
what did Abraham do?
he rebelled against the worship of many gods, he belived that there is only one true god.
what was the relationship between god and Araham?
it was based on a covenant. God promised Abraham three things 1. to look after the jews 2. to make them his chosen people 3. to give them a land of there own.
what does the word covenant mean?
it means a deal or an agreement
what did abraham promise god?
to love god and keep his commandments
Abraham was so important in th founding of jewish faith that god tested him. how did he test him?
first by asking him to leave behind his family and set off into the unknown, heading for a "promised land" that god would lead him too. second god promised that he would have lots of descendants that will become a nation.for a very long time they did not have any children. then finally god asked him to sacrifice his long awaited son Issac.
what was the two main reasons that god choose Moses to go back to Egypt and try to persuade pharaoh?
1. he could speak there language and would no the layout off the palace because he used to be prince. 2. he also had long experiance in the wilderness as a shepeard ment that he coul survive in the he wilderness and also find water easily andlead people safely through.
what was the ten plagues of Egypt?
1. the nile turned red. 2. frogs 3. gnats 4. flies 5. death of livestock 6. boils 7. hail 8. locusts 9. darkness 10. death of the first born in the family.
what our the ten commandments?
1. you shall not have any other god 2. you shall not make idols or bow down to worship them 3. you shall not misuse the name of god 4. remember ther sabbath day and keep it holy. 5. honour your father and mother 7. you shall not commit adultery 8. you shall not steal 9. you shall not give false witness against your neighbour 10. you shall not covert your neighbours property.
who led the hewbrews into the promised land?
where did moses die?
what mountain did moses get the ten commandments on?
Mt. Sinai