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A scientist who examines objects to learn about the human past.


a society with cities, a central government, job specialization, and social classes.


rich in the substances plants need to grow well.


the written and other recorded events of people.


Supplying land with water through a network of canals.

oral traditions

stories passed down by the word of mouth.


Time before writing was invented

social class

a group of people with similar backgrounds, incomes, and ways of living


more than is needed, desired, or required

Why did scientists study the Iceman?

To learn the story of our past.

What was the Old Stone Age food method?

By hunting animals and gathering wild plants.

What was the New Stone Age food method?

By farming-planting crops or wild grasses.

What did prehistoric people develope?


What did surplus in the New Stone Age leed to?

More jobs and artisans.

During the New Stone Age what did farming settlements need in order to develop cities?

People needed a dependable supply of drinking water and materials to build shelters.

List the characteristics of a civilization?

A society with cities, a central government, job specialization, and social classes.

How did people in the New Stone
Age spread ideas?


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