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gene pool
Collection of alleles found in all individuals of a population
allele frequency
Proportion of one allele in the gene pool
gene flow
Movement of alleles from one population to another
genetic drift
Change in allele frequencies due to chance alone
Bottleneck Effect
Genetic drift that results from an event that drastically reduces the size of the population
Founder Effect
Genetic drift that occurs after a small number of individuals colonize a new area
sexual selelction
Selection in which certain traits enhance mating success
reproductive isolation
Final stage in speciation where members of two populations can no longer produce fertile offspring
geographic isolation
Isolation between populations due to physical barriers
behavioral isolation
Isolation between populations due to differences in mating behavior
temporal isolation
Isolation between populations due to barriers related to time
Evolution of two or more species from one ancestral species.
Elimination of a species from earth
convergent evolution
Evolution toward similar characteristics due to similar environments
divergent evolution
Evolution of one or more closely related species into different species
adaptive radiation
Spread out and adapt