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The French and Indian War
War between French and British in American colonies part of 7 years
The Proclamation of 1763
Line drawn by British Parliament, colonists not allowed to settle past Appalachian mountains
Stamp Act
1765 direct tax on a stamp that must be put on paper, office documents, etc.
The Coercive Acts
1774 intolerable acts
Common Sense
1776 pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to get people to want independence
The Declaration Of Independence
1776 document written by colonist elites to British King and Parliament stating independence and what all was wrong with British rule and the King
Battle of Saratoga
Head to head battle between the British and Americans in country side, Americans win by a lot and show they have a chance
French American Alliance
Formed after battle of Saratoga when Americans proved to French they can win and French are allies because they want to damage an age old enemy
Treaty of Paris
1783 ended the American Revolutionary War
Granted the land British gave Indians as American land
now American colonies recognized as their own independent country
Articles of Confederation
First form of government
A lot of weaknesses
No strong central government
Strong state governments
Causes economical problems and failure
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Land in Northwest is divided into 5 states (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana) they are all seen as equal to the 13 original states
Reach a certain pop you can apply for statehood and be part of congress and slavery was outlawed
Shay's Rebellion
1786 farmers debt rebellion agriculture depression, economical failure and 2 out of 3 were being sued
The Constitution
New format of government focuses more on a central national power and less on states 3 branch government that limit each other
One central power over all
The Great Compromise
New Jersey and Virginia plans together and create the senate and House of Representatives senate equal vote house of rep by population
The Three-Fifths compromise
Slaves count as population for vote in congress
3 slaves for every 5 white were counted
The Federalists papers
Essays written by Federalists to get people to ratify the constitution plubis
Supported the ratification of the constitution one central strong government
Anti federalists
Against ratification of the constitution
The Bill of Rights
First ten amendments of the constitution
George Washington's presidency
1st president formed the cabinets 2nd term strictly followed constitution left office to tell everyone they needed to be unified established framework of Supreme Court and how they will be decided judiciary
Tackle debt- grant money back to people, national bank create national government, manufacturing establish tax revenue
Wanted state governments against Hamilton 3rd president vice under John Adams voting process not fix yet and he got 2nd place
Washington's farewell address
Unity and against foreign policies
XYZ Affair
3 agents from France try to bribe Americans who came as ambassadors to see the rulers of France common in Europe but Americans took offense and John Adams published what happened for all Americans to see decreasing support of republicans because they are Franco files
Alien and Sedition Acts
Sedition- speaking false against congress or president
Alien- allow president to prison or deport suspicious foreign during war
Cut of increase of republicans
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Idea of nullification
Legislatures that constitution was written by sovereign states so they could revoke the unconstitutional laws

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