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The 50 Most Common Phrasal Verbs


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Go on
continue; stop saying those things; not so; I don't believe you. (Also literal).
Carry out
to perform a task; to perform an assignment. (Also literal.)
Set up
to establish someone as something; to help establish; to provide something for someone to start up something
Pick up
to clean; to learn/obtain; to get busy; to go faster
Go back
to return to one's origin/previous location; to break a promise
Come back
to (have) return(ed) to one's origin/previous location; to retort; a return success
Go out
to try out for something (usually sports); to go out of fashion; to go out with someone for entertainment; to date someone. (Also literal.)
Point out
to select or indicate someone or something (from a group).
Find out
discover; learn of; to discover facts about someone or something; to learn a fact
Come up
to happen unexpectedly. (Also literal.)
Make up
to put makeup on oneself; to repay or redo something; to create a story or a lie from no facts at all; to compensate for
Take over
to take charge; to assume control
Come out
to become; to turn out; to be presented/released to the public (Also literal.)
Come on
to hurry up; to follow; to flirt aggressively
Come in
to receive or acquire something. (Also literal.)
Go down
to be accepted; to happen. (Also literal.)
Work out
to settle/solve a problem; to turn out/to happen. (Also literal.)
Set out
to begin a journey or course; to define/describe; to design/plan; to undertake/attempt.
Take up
to accept someone's offer; to begin to deal with an issue; to shorten a skirt, dress or pants.
Get back
to return; to repay one for a bad deed; to continue communicating with someone at a later time.
Sit down
to encamp or besiege. (Also literal.)
Turn out
to end satisfactorily; to send someone out of somewhere; to manufacture/produce something; to be present/attend; to turn off/extinguish
Take on
to undertake/assume; to employ; to acquire; to show great emotion.
Give up
to quit; to surrender; to abandon hope
Get up
to arise; to ascend; to dress (as in costume).
Look up
to search for information; to become more prosperous. (Also literal.)
Carry on
to continue with something; to make a great fuss over sby or sth; to cry and become out of control about sby or sth.
Go up
to increase; happening; to be in the process of construction. (Also literal).
Get out
to get free/away; to produce or complete.
Take out
to take someone on a date; something made to be taken away (as in food)/a restaurant that performs this service. (Also literal.)
Come down
to drop; to descend to someone through inheritance; to attack/scold vigorously. (Also literal.)
Put down
to write down, record; to attribute; to mercifully kill an animal.
Put up
to provide lodging for someone; to display or show; to offer something; to build/erect something.
Turn up
to appear; to search for and find something; to intensify or increase; to happen/occur.
Get on
to make progress; to agree or be friendly; to advance in age. (Also literal.)
Bring up
to mention a person or thing; to raise a child; to vomit; to (cause to) stop quickly.
Bring in
to yield as profit or income; to present (for consideration) formally; to submit. (Also literal.)
Look back
to review past events; to return in thought. (Also literal.)
Look down
to regard with disdain or scorn; have contempt for. (Also literal.)
Bring back
to return; to return to consciousness.
Break down
to fall apart; to have a physical or mental collapse; to itemize; to decompose.
Take off
to leave the ground and begin to fly; to become popular and successful; to begin to chase something; to take a break from something; to withdraw or remove from; to deduct.
Go off
to explode; to leave; to happen (as planned).
Bring about
to make something happen.
Go in
to take part in something; to make an approach, as before an attack. (Also literal.)
Set off
to cause to be ignited/exploded; to anger someone; to begin.
Put out
irritated, bothered; to extinguish; to publish; to exert/apply.
Look out
to be vigilant or on guard; to afford a view (Also literal.)
Take back
to withdraw or cancel one's statements; to regain ownership; to cause to remember. (Also literal.)
Hold up
to rob someone; to offer; to expose; to support; to hinder; to wait. (Also literal.)