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Vocabulary terms for Basic Editing: Lesson 2


A temporary storage place in the computer's memory


A copy of the selected text is placed on the Clipboard while the orginal text remains in the document.


Removes the selected text from the document and places it on the Clipboard.

Overtype mode

The text you replaces, or types over, existing text


It is copied from the Clipboard to the location of the insertion point in the document.


Highlight a block of text


Allows you to see hidden formatting markers


Reverse a number of recent actions


Reverses an Undo action


Deletes the characters to the left of he insertion point


Removes the character to the right of the insertion point

Find Command

Moves the insertion point from its present position to the next occurrence of the word or phrase for which you are searching.

Find and Replace Command

Useful editing commands that let you find specific words in a document quickly and replace them instantly with new words.

Replace Command

Allows you to replace a word or phrase in the "Find What" box with another word or phrase you key in the "Replace With" box.

Go To Command

Allows you to skip to a specific part of a document

Word Count

Counts the pages, words, characters, paragraphs, and lines in your document

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