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-marks the birthday of the church
-when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus' disciples and apostles
-3,000 people baptized that day-Acts of the Apostles
-first christian martyr
St. Paul
-most famous Christian missionary
-originally known as Saul
-spread Gospel through the Roman Empire
-Jesus chose him to lead the apostles and guide the growing church
Acts of the Apostles
-account of earliest days of the curch
St. Paul's journeys
- 1. traveled to Cyprus
- 2. longest journey
-established center of Christian faith in Corinth
- 3. established community in Ephesus
-first Christians persecuted under his power around A.D. 64
Council of Jerusalem
-the first great council of the Catholic church
Gospel of Mark
-first account of Jesus' life to be written down
Gospel of Matthew and Luke
-next to be written down based on account of Mark's Gospel and on other early Christian sources
Synoptic Gospels
-Matthew, Mark, and Luke are closely related with many similarities
Gospel of John
-includes materials not found in synoptic gospels
-describes the words and deeds of Jesus that are similar to those recorded by the other three gospels
-writers also address the importance of the teachings of Christ
-written later than other three
-means letter
-oldest books in New Testament
-written/attributed to St. Paul
-14 written to early Christian communities
-last book of the Bible
-calls believers in Christ to look for word with hope to eternal life and glory
-tradition:changes, refers to written and spoken beliefs and practices that have been passed down to us from time of Christ and Apostles, living witnesses of faith
Deposit of Faith
-all the truth contained in scripture and tradition make up this that Christ revealed to the Apostles and thus their successor, the bishop, and the entire church
-living teaching office of the church
Gregor Mendel
-father of genetics
-made edicts that lead to "The Great Persecution"
-credited display of cross on banners and shields
-emperor of Roman Empire
Edict of Milan
-granting religious tolerance throughout the Roman Empire
-allowed Christians to worship openly
-made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
St. Augustine
-son of Monica
-she prayed for his conversion
-he wrote THE CONFESSIONS:his autobiography about his conversion
-the official list of books of the Bible (73 books)
-father of the church
-developed a vocabulary of terms with which to describe the faith
St. Jerome
-translated the bible from Latin to Hebrew and Greek
-a belief or collection of beliefs that rejects one of more of the revealed truths of the faith
Ecumenical councils
-brings together the bishops (including the bishop of rome, a.k.a. the pope)
-there have been 21 of these
-taught that Jesus was a little more than human but not fully divine
-Arian heresy was condemned here (the council of ______)
-Nicene creed was fully developed at the council here
-council called here to discuss and condemn the heresy of Nestorius
-believed that Jesus was 2 people, one human and one divine
-considered the greatest of the first four councils
Pope Leo the Great
-Council Chalcedon reaffirmed his teaching that Jesus was one person-divine and human and that the two natures did interfere with one another
St. Ambrose
-defended church against Arian heresy
-baptized St. Augustine
Basil the Great
-developed a "great rule of life"
Benedict of Nursia
-his motto was "pray and work"
Bernard of Clarivaux
-founded Cistercian order
Gregory the Great
-reached out to and converted Pagan tribes
-the prophet that the Muslims followed
-governing body
-a place where monks or nuns live
-of or relating to the church
-had a lack of education and culture
Forms of prayer (5-define each)
-blessing:we dedicate someone or something to God
-praise:we give glory to God simply for being god
-petition:we ask something of god
-intercession:we ask god for something on behalf of another person
-thanksgiving:we show god our gratitude for all he has given us
-the greatest form of prayer
Contemplative life