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Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement
- This principle of leadership should be developed by the use of leadership traits. Evaluate yourself by using the leadership traits and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Be Technically and Tactically Proficient
- A person who knows their job thoroughly and possesses a wide field of knowledge. Before you can lead, you must be able to do the job.

Know Your People and Look Out For Their Welfare
- A leader must make a conscientious effort to observe his Marines and how they react to different situations.

Keep Your Personnel Informed
- To promote efficiency and morale, a leader should inform the Marines in his unit of all happenings and give reasons why things are to be done.

Set The Example
- A leader who shows professional competence, courage and integrity sets high personal standards for himself before he can rightfully demand it from others.

Ensure That the Task Is Understood, Supervised, and Accomplished
- Leaders must give clear, concise orders that cannot be misunderstood, and then by close supervision, ensure that these orders are properly executed.

Train Your Marines and Sailors as a Team
- As a leader, you must insist on teamwork from your Marines. Train, play and operate as a team. Be sure that each Marine knows his/her position and responsibilities within the team framework.

Make Sound and Timely Decisions
- The leader must be able to rapidly estimate a situation and make a sound decision based on that estimation.

Develop a Sense of Responsibility Among Your Subordinates
- Give your Marines them the opportunity for professional development. Assigning tasks and delegating authority promotes mutual confidence and respect between leader and subordinates.

Employ Your Command within its Capabilities
- A leader must have a thorough knowledge of the tactical and technical capabilities of the command. Successful completion of a task depends upon how well you know your unit's capabilities.

Seek Responsibilities and Take Responsibility
- For professional development, you must actively seek out challenging assignments. You must use initiative and sound judgment when trying to accomplish jobs that are required by your grade.