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Pathways 3 Unit 10 R👍


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adversity (n)
a very difficult or unfavorable situation
advise (v)
to tell someone what you think he or she should do
alter (v)
to change something or someone
assume (v)
to believe something is true without proof that it is true
consciously (adv)
to notice or realize that you are doing something in a particular way
derived (v)
to be from an original source, for example, a language
determination (n)
the quality that you show when you have decided to do something and will not let anything stop you
distortion (n)
a change for the worse, often a statement that is not really true
incident (n)
an event, usually an unpleasant one
meditation (n)
remaining in a silent, calm state for a period of time
mode (n)
refers to the way or manner in which something occurs or is done
mortality (n)
the fact that a person's life will end one day
prioritize (v)
to treat something as more important than anything else
radical (adj)
something that is very new and different
reaction (n)
a response to, or an effect of, something
reside (v)
to live or exist in that place
security (n)
safety and protection
tactical (adj)
a action or plan that is intended to help someone achieve something
traumatic (adj)
very shocking and upsetting
trigger (v)
to start or cause something to happen