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to seperate inot parts, giving them rigorous, logica, detailed scrutiny, resulting in a consistent and relitively romplete account of the elements of the thing and the principles of their organization


to trace the outline of
to portay in words, describe or outline with precision


to develop a principal, or theory
to make plain or clear, explain


to determine the value or worth of


division into two parts, kinds, etc, subidvision into two parts or halves
a dfference in opinion, schisim
logic, classification by division into two mutually exclusive groups


literally unknotting, the final unraveling of a plot, the solution of a mystery, an explanation or outcome


formal discussion. in modern critical discussion, discourse refers to ways of speaking that are bound by ideologica, professional, political, cultura, or sociological communities


strictly, an adjective used to point out a characteristic of a person or thing, but sometimes applied to a noun or noun phrase used for a similar purpose


the conclusion or final part of a nondramatic literary work that serves thypically to round out or complete the design of the work


the preface or introduction to a lit work


a composition in pros or poetry written in the form of a letter


a song or poem expressing sorrow or lamenation especially for one who is dead


spoeach or writing in praise of a person or thing, esecially a set oration in honor of a deceased person


speach delivered by a character to himself or to the audience, often used to reveal thoughts or feelings


a type of comedy in which ridiclous and often sterotyped characters are involved in silly, farfetched stuations

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