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Fertile Crescent

Mesopotamia's curved shaped and the richness of its land led scholars to call it this


"land between rivers"


Each city and the surrounding land it controlled


When rulers pass their powers on to their sons, who eventually pass it on to their own heirs

Cultural Diffusion

When a new idea or a product spreads from one culture to another is called cultural diffusion.


The belief in more than one god.


When the Babylonian Empire reached its peak. Famous for the set of laws he put together.


A broad, marshy, triangular area of land formed by deposits of silt at the mouth of the river.


A king that united Upper and Lower Egypt.


Egyption God-kings.


Government where rule is based on religious authority


The resting place after death


Egyptian's flexible way of writing where a picture stood for an idea.


Egyptian's used it as "paper"


Seperation of a region from the rest of a continent


Seasonal winds that dominated India's climate.

Harappan civilization

Indus Valley Civilization is called this sometimes due to the many archaeological discoveries made at that site.


Yellowish fertile silt

Oracle bones

Shang kings used these to consult the Gods.

Mandate of Heaven

A just ruler that had divine approval.

Dynastic Cycle

Pattern of rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties.


A political system in which nobles. or lords, are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king.

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