West African


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Willie's Home?
Burkino Faso
Style of dance?
West African/Mande
Name of biggest empire that used to be in WA?
Capital of the empire?
Main languages of the empire?
During colonization, the empire was divided into 7 parts:
(May I go see Gambia, Senegal, & Burkino Faso?)
1. Mali
2. Ivory Coast
3. Guinea
4. Sierra Leone (some people think its not part of it)
5. Gambia
6. Senegal
7. Burkino Faso
Are the dance moves introverted or extroverted?
Extroverted: meant for sharing energy with others/each dance has a meaning and a purpose
Which instrument gathers people/means "lets get together"? Whats it made out of?
-Made from trees and cows and goat skin
Set of 3 drums is known as the ?
-Dun Dun
Which is the small one?
-its the time keeper
-like a child, must behave, still learning
Which is the medium drum?
-tells rhythm
-is an adult, knows what they want
Which is the big drum?
-Dun Dunba
-Fills empty spaces
-Voice of elders