Intracellular Accumulation

Intracellular accumulation results
fat in alcoholic liver injury
glycogen in inherited lysosomal storage disease
brown pigment
wear and tear pigment
insoluble lipoprotein
by-product of lipid peroxidation
non toxic
resist digestion, persist as mem bound residual bodies
hemosiderin deposited systemically (skin, pancreas, heart, kidney)
frequent in blood transfusion
hemosiderin is a partially denatured form of ferritin. It is found in areas of hemorrhage and bruises. Normaly found in spleen, bone marrow, and liver
Dystrophic calcification
occurs in dead or injured cells
Normal blood calcium level
crystal formation (white, gritty granule)
Histo: deep purple deposits in necrotic tissue
common in aging/damaged heart valves
Metastatic calcification
occurs in living cells/tissue
Hypercalcemic states
increased serum Ca
Causes: Vit D intoxication, multiple myeloma, hyperparathyroidism, Paget's disease
Hyaline changes
any intracellular or extracellular alteration that has pink homogenous appearance in H&E stain
ex. alcoholic hyaline (intra), amyloid (ex)