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basis of the clients treatment plan is the ____________.


treatment plan is also formulated on

intake process

a treatment plan based on presenting problems, physical, behavioral, emotional status should developed ______ of intake

72 hours

treatment plan should be what based on the clients particular problems and needs?


the treatment plan should contain:

strengths and weakness, and involve family

when creating a treatment plan the counselor and client should do what?

list major problems and rank them in terms of priority

once the problems are identified, the client and the counselor come up with what?

long/short term goals

what should be expressed clearly and in concrete with a date of achievement?


strategies for achieve goals are done by whom?


resolution of problem areas specified in treatment plan should be ___________________.

documented in progress noted and in treatment plan as well

treatment plans should be reviewed regularly every 7- 10 days by whom?

client and counselor clinical supervisor treatment team

treatment plan should remain _________ and for changes in addressing client problems, needs and goals


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