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Prepositional phrases - Speakout Advanced (Unit 6.1)


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on track (to do sth)
doing or saying things that are likely to be successful or correct
on average
based on a calculation about how many times something usually happens, although it may not be true in every individual situation
on trial
in the process of testing a product, plan, or person over a period of time
at risk of
in a situation where you may be harmed
at least
not less than a particular amount or number, and possibly more
at present
at this time
ᅳsynonym now
by far
used to say that something is much better, worse etc than anything else
by nature
naturally, essentially or innately
by law
according to the law
in decline
gradually decreasing in importance, quality, or power
in danger of
in a situation in which loss of life or serious harm is possible
in effect
in fact, really, actually, essentially
out of control
no longer under management, direction, or regulation; unmanageable or unruly
out of sight
outside the area that you can see
out of necessity
when something is necessary
off course
away from a scheduled path
off the pace
too slow to keep up
off balance
in an unsteady position
above suspicion
assumed to be innocent
above board
honest and legal
above all
more important than anything else
over the hill
no longer young, and therefore no longer attractive or good at doing things
over the top
more than what is considered normal or suitable
over the moon
extremely happy
under the weather
slightly ill
be under the impression (that)
to believe that something is true when it is not
be under oath
to have formally promised to tell the truth in a court of law