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Language - Speakout Advanced (Unit 6.2)


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mother tongue
the first and main language that you learnt when you were a child
lingua franca
a language used between people whose main languages are different
foul language
rude and offensive words
global language
a language used everywhere on earth
command of a language
knowledge of a language or ability to use it
mind your language
to be careful about what you say so that you do not offend anyone
language barrier
the inability to communicate with someone because you speak a different language
dead language
a language which is no longer spoken by anyone as their main language
official language
the language or one of the languages that is accepted by a country's government, is taught in schools, used in the courts of law, etc
everyday language
ordinary or normal language, used by people in daily life
offensive language
very rude or insulting words, likely to upset people