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Plagiarism Unit Vocabulary

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academic dishonesty
American universities have many rules about _____________. (= not behaving in a truthful way while at university).
He decided to _____________ on the test. (=copying answers on a test or homework activity).
_____________ is a big problem in the U.S. (= to copy someone else's words or ideas usually in an academic setting).
It's important to give people _____________ if you use their ideas. (= to praise someone for something that they have done)
copyright infringement
_____________ is a big problem because the Internet makes it so easy. (=stealing another person's ideas or work to make money. (Ex. music, movies, etc)
You must _____________ the author if you use his ideas. (= show appreciation for something; give credit to)
We learned how to use the _____________. (=large collections of articles that are stored on computers)
We need to _____________ information from academic articles into our essays. (=to include something and make it a part of your essay).
This website is not _____________ (believable, especially for academic writing).
He forgot to put a _____________ to show where he got the information. (=a reference to an article, book, or website in an essay).
This is a good _____________ for your essay. (= the article, book, or website where information came from.)
do research
To write this essay, you need to _____________. (= to get information from books, articles, websites, etc.)
This is the _____________ sentence. (= describing where something first appeared)
Many teachers _____________ not to plagiarize their essays. (=to warn somebody not to do something in a kind way).
This software can _____________ plagiarism. (= to notice or discover something)
This was a _____________ case of plagiarism. (=something that is clear and easy to see.)
Many students are _____________ of the rules. (= having no knowledge of something).
severe consequences
There are _____________ for cheating (=very strict or harsh punishment)
Plagiarism is a _____________ of school rules. (=an action that breaks the law)
He plagiarized his essay _____________. (= not on purpose)
direct quotation
He used a _____________ in his essay. (= one or more sentences with "quotation marks" around them.)
reporting verbs
They made mistakes with _____________. (=words like 'according to' or 'explains.' that show who said sth)
in-text citation
Please check this _____________. (= when you say the author's name in the body of your essay)
You need to _____________ this sentence. (=keeping the same information but using different words, grammar, and order so that it looks different than the original.)
You need to include the author's _____________ (=someone's education, achievements, experience etc that prove they have the ability to do something)
Students must use __________ format in their essays. (= a style of formatting with many rules. It stands for "Modern Language Association")
works cited
He finished his _____________. (= the final page of your essay, which lists all of the sources and important information such as title, date of publication, etc.)
alphabetical order
Ex. The names need to be in _____________ (= putting entries in order by the first letters (a, b, c, d , etc)