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Trends - Speakout Advanced (Unit 6.3)


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old and no longer suitable for modern processes, purposes, or methods
take off
to become successful or popular very fast
lose its appeal
to stop being attractive, successful or popular
capture somebody's imagination
to make someone feel very interested in something
strike a chord (with somebody)
to cause people to approve of it or agree with it
become the latest thing
something that is popular or fashionable at the moment
a fashion, game, type of music etc that becomes very popular for a short time
ᅳsynonym fad
just a passing trend
something that people like or do for a short time, or that is fashionable for a short time
ᅳsynonym fad
the number (of something) has risen
when there is more of something now than before
by word of mouth
by someone telling you; hrough the verbal sharing of information
a sudden increase in the number of times that something bad happens
instant classic
something that becomes very popular immediately; something of very high quality