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  1. cytokinesis
  2. prokaryote
  3. chromatid
  4. nonvascular plant
  5. sessile
  1. a single celled organism without a nucleus bacterial cell
  2. b plant that does not have a vascular system
  3. c division of the cytophasm to form two separate cells
  4. d describes an organism that remains attached to a surfact for its entire life
  5. e one of a pair of strands of DNA that make up a chromosome during meiosis or mitosis

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  1. observable characteristics of an organism
  2. refering to an animal whose body temperature is determined by the temperature of the environment
  3. a taxonomic category containing classes with similar characteristics
  4. process by which gametes are produced in female animals
  5. structure made of DNA and associated proteins on which genes are located

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  1. mitosisprocess during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell completes two successive dibisions that produce four cells gametes each with a chromosome number that has been reduced by half


  2. classtaxonomic category containing orders with common characteristics


  3. hereditytransmission of genetic traits from parent to off spring


  4. arthropodslender filament that is part of the body of a multicelular fungus


  5. familytaxonomic category containing genera with similar properties