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  1. hermaphrodite
  2. genetics
  3. species
  4. pathogen
  5. mitosis
  1. a study of heredity
  2. b organism with both testes and ovaries
  3. c process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei each with the same number and kind of chromosomes
  4. d group of organisms that look alike and are capable of producing fertile offspring in nature
  5. e a disease causing agent

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  1. a protist that moves using flexible cytoplasmic extensions
  2. flesh eating organism
  3. a trait that is determined by a gene found on the x chromosome
  4. condition in which a trait in an individual is intermediate between the phenotype of its two parents
  5. section of a chromosome that codes for protein or RNA molecule

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  1. exoskeletonhard external covering of some invertebrates


  2. polygenic traitcharacteristic of an organism that is influenced by several genes


  3. diploidterm used to indicate a cell containing two sets of chromosomes one set inherited from each parent


  4. hypharasping tonguelike organ of mollusks uned in obtaining food


  5. nonvascular planttemporary union of two organisms to exchange nuclear material