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  1. multiple alleles
  2. sporophyte
  3. virus
  4. phylum
  5. Malpighian tubele
  1. a slender fingerlike organ of excretion that opens into the gut of certain arthropods
  2. b a strand of nucleic acid encased in a protein coat that can infect cells and replicate within them
  3. c the existence of more than two alleles versions of the gene for a genetic trait
  4. d a taxonomic category containing classes with similar characteristics
  5. e diploid phase in the type of life cycle known as alternation of generations diploid individual that produces spores

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  1. haploid cell that participates in fertiliazation by fusing with another haploid cell
  2. observable characteristics of an organism
  3. a trait that is determined by a gene found on the x chromosome
  4. structure that contains one or more seeds and develops from the ovary of the pistil of a flower
  5. organism with both testes and ovaries

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  1. ectothermicrefering to an animal whose body temperature is determined by the temperature of the environment


  2. gymnospermseed plant that produces seeds that do not develop withing a fruit


  3. pathogensymbiotic association between a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium


  4. homozygousrefers to an individual with two identical alleles for a trait


  5. mitosisprocess during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei each with the same number and kind of chromosomes