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  1. hypha
  2. fertilization
  3. mitosis
  4. prokaryote
  5. lichen
  1. a process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei each with the same number and kind of chromosomes
  2. b slender filament that is part of the body of a multicelular fungus
  3. c the process by which haploid gametes join to form a diploid zygote
  4. d symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium
  5. e single celled organism without a nucleus bacterial cell

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  1. slender fingerlike organ of excretion that opens into the gut of certain arthropods
  2. section of a chromosome that codes for protein or RNA molecule
  3. term used to indicate a cell containing two sets of chromosomes one set inherited from each parent
  4. the exchange of reciprocal segments of DNA by homologous chromosomes at the beginning of meiosis source of genetic recombination
  5. process by which gametes are produced in female animals

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  1. virusstructure that contains one or more seeds and develops from the ovary of the pistil of a flower


  2. multiple allelesgroup of organisms that look alike and are capable of producing fertile offspring in nature


  3. classtaxonomic category containing orders with common characteristics


  4. hereditytransmission of genetic traits from parent to off spring


  5. omnivoreanimal that eats both plants and animals