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  1. monohybrid cross
  2. gamete
  3. phylum
  4. proglottid
  5. haploid
  1. a a taxonomic category containing classes with similar characteristics
  2. b haploid cell that participates in fertiliazation by fusing with another haploid cell
  3. c rectangular body section of tapeworms
  4. d having only one set of chromosomes
  5. e cross involving one pair of contrasting traits

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  1. organism with both testes and ovaries
  2. the existence of more than two alleles versions of the gene for a genetic trait
  3. rasping tonguelike organ of mollusks uned in obtaining food
  4. the genetic makeup of an organism as indicated by its set of alleles
  5. division of the cytophasm to form two separate cells

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  1. familytaxonomic category containing genera with similar properties


  2. conjugationtemporary union of two organisms to exchange nuclear material


  3. sporophytehaploid phase in the type of life cycle known as alternations of generations haploid individual that produces gametes


  4. homologous chromosomestructure made of DNA and associated proteins on which genes are located


  5. lichenreproductive structure of angiosperms produces pollen in the anthers of stamens and seeds in a fruit the mature ovary of a pistil