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  1. lichen
  2. radula
  3. hermaphrodite
  4. coccus
  5. gymnosperm
  1. a organism with both testes and ovaries
  2. b symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium
  3. c rasping tonguelike organ of mollusks uned in obtaining food
  4. d seed plant that produces seeds that do not develop withing a fruit
  5. e spherical shaped bacterium

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  1. rectangular body section of tapeworms
  2. haploid phase in the type of life cycle known as alternations of generations haploid individual that produces gametes
  3. taxonomic category consisting of rfamilies with similar characteristics
  4. the genetic makeup of an organism as indicated by its set of alleles
  5. science of naming and classifying organisms

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  1. amoebaa protist that moves using flexible cytoplasmic extensions


  2. diploidprocess during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell completes two successive dibisions that produce four cells gametes each with a chromosome number that has been reduced by half


  3. multiple allelesslender fingerlike organ of excretion that opens into the gut of certain arthropods


  4. carnivoreflesh eating organism


  5. heterozygousrefers to an individual with two identical alleles for a trait


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