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Digital media

_________ encompass digital technologies of all kinds that serve and support digital music, video, and graphics.

On-demand media

________ refers to the ability to view or listen to programming or music at any time rather than at a time dictated by television and radio schedules.

Digital audio

_______ is any type of sound, including voice, music, and sound effects, recorded and stored digitlly as a series of 1s and 0s.

Digital music

_______ is a subcategory of digital audio that involves recording and storing music.

analog to digital conversion

One way of quantifying sound is to represent sound waves with numbers, digitally, through a process called _________.


ADC uses a technology called _________ to encode a sound waive as binary numbers.

digital to analog conversion

Digitized sound is transformed back into its analog form in a process called _______.

Multitrack recording

__________ devices treat each instrument or microphone as a separate input, or track.


A(n) _______ electronically produces sounds designed to be similar to the sounds of real instruments; they can also produce new sounds unlike any that a traditional instrument could produce.


A _________ digitally records real musical instrument sounds and allows them to be played back at various pitches using an electronic keyboard.


A(n) _________ allows musicians to create multitrack recordings with a minimal investment in equipment.


The _______ protocol was implemented in 1983 to provide a standard language for digital music devicesto use in communicating with each other.

MIDI cards

_______ allow computers to be connected to digital musicdevices and are available for Windows PCs; they are included as standard equipment in most Apple computers.


A ________ is an MP3 audio file that contains a recorded broadast distributed over the Internet.

Sound compression

________ removes those frequencies that are beyond the range of human hearing and in so doing reduce the size of the digital music file.


The ________ file format compresses CDA music files to less than 10 percent of their original size.


________ software allows computer users to categorize and organize their digital music files for easy access.


_______ software can be used to translate your favorite music CDs to MP3 files on your hard drive.


Digital music files can be transferredfrom one format to another using _______ software.

digital rights management

The technology invented to protect intellectual property in digital files is called _________.

Satellite radio

_______ is a form of digital that receives broadcast signals via a communications satellite.

Digital graphics

_______ refers to computer-based media applications that support creating, editing, and viewing 2D and 3D images and animation.

raster graphics

Bitmapped graphics are also referred to as _________.


________ or fuzziness, occurs when bit-mapped images are made larger than the size at which they are captured.

Vector graphics

________ use(s) bytes to store geometric descriptions that define all the shapes in the image.

Windows bitmap

_________ format is used by the Windows operating ystem and recognized by most graphics software.

Graphics Interchange Format

Which of the following file formats is the standard for the Web?

Tagged Image File Format

Which of the following file formats is an industrial-strength format used by many professional photographers and graphic artists?

ray tracing

Three-demensional modeling is often referred to as ______ because the software must trace beams of light as they would interact with the models in the real world.


_________ is the process of calculating the light interaction with the virtual 3D models in the scene and presenting the final drawing in two dimensions to be viewed on the screen or printed.


______ are points on the object that are designed to bend or pivot at specific angles.

Forensic graphics

_______ is used to create animations and exhibits to use in courts of law to explain theories and present evidence.


________ is the video version of a blog.

virtual reality

When interactive media incorporates 3D graphic animation, the result is __________.

Video game consoles

__________ such as such as the Nintendo GameCube, the Sony Playstation 2 (PS2), and Microsoft's Xbox, are high-powered multiprocessor computers designed to support 3D interactive multimedia.

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