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Bolshevik decree on workers' control (M/Y)

(8) November 1917

Lenin's What is to be done? published (Y)


Russian Social Democratic Labour Party formed (Y)


July Days uprising (D/M/Y)

3 or 4 or 5 or 6
July 1917

Russo-Japanese War (Y)

1904 or 1905

Czar's October Manifesto (M/Y)

October 1905

'Fundamental Law' reasserts Tsar's primacy (Y)

(January) 1906

Social Democrats split into Mensheviks and Bolsheviks (Y)


Second Duma (Y)


Kadet party formed (M/Y)

October 1905

First World War (Ys)


Stolypin assassinated (Y)


New restrictive electoral laws to Duma introduced (Y)


Bloody Sunday Massacre (D/M/Y)

9 or 22 January (OS) 1905

Fourth Duma (Ys)


Lena Goldfields massacre (Y)


Tsar takes over as Commander-in-Chief (M/Y)

August or September 1915

Petrograd Soviet sets up MRC (M/Y)

(12) October 1917

Battles of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes (Y)


Stolypin introduces agrarian reforms (Y)


Formation of Petrograd Soviet of Workers' Deputies (D/M/Y)

27 February 1917

Brusilov offensive (Y)


Formation of first Moscow soviet (M/Y)

November 1905

Congress of Soviets establishes Sovnarkom (D/M/Y)

26 October 1917

Accession of Czar Nicholas II (Y)


Nicholas II abdicates (D/M/Y)

2 March 1917

First Moscow soviet suppressed by force (M/Y)

December 1905

Beginning of full scale 1917 Revolution (D/M/Y)

25 February 1917

Socialist Revolutionary Party founded (Y)


Soviet's 'Order No 1' (M/Y)

1 March 1917

Lenin returns to Petrograd (D/M/Y)

3 April 1917

Major [eventually failed] summer offensive launched against Austro-German armies (M/Y)

(26) June 1917

Kornilov becomes commander-in-chief (M/Y)

(18) July 1917

Bolsheviks gain a majority in Petrograd Soviet: Trotsky elected chairman (D/M/Y)

25 September 1917

Stolypin appointed chief minister (Y)


Bolsheviks take control of Petrograd (Ds/M/Y)

24-25 October 1917

Elections for Constituent Assembly (M/Y)

(11) November 1917

First Duma meets (Y)


Cheka created (M/Y)

(7) December 1917

Meeting and dissolution of Constituent Assembly (D/M/Y)

5 or 6 January 1918

Armistice signed with Germans at Brest-Litovsk (M/Y)

(2) December 1917

Lenin's April Theses (D/M/Y)

4 April 1917

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (D/M/Y)

3 March 1918

Bolsheviks adopt the name 'Communists' (M/Y)

(8) March 1918

Bolshevik Central Committee commits itself to armed insurrection (D/M/Y)

10 October 1917

Moscow becomes capital (M/Y)

(12) March 1918

Civil war begins, with Czech Legion (M/Y)

May 1918

Lenin flees Petrograd (M/Y)

(6) July 1917

Czar and family murdered at Ekaterinburg (D/M/Y)

17 July 1918

Formation of St Petersburg soviet (M/Y)

October 1905

Foreign intervention begins (M/Y)

(4) April 1918

Official introduction of Red Terror (D/M/Y)

5 September 1918

Civil war effectively ends with Red victory in Crimea (M/Y)

November 1920

Kronstadt Rising (M/Y)

March 1921

USSR established (Y)


Lenin's hanging order, Penza (M/Y)

(11) August 1918

Kerensky orders closure of Pravda and Izvestia (M/Y)

23 October 1917

Lenin's death (D/M/Y)

21 January 1924

Kerensky becomes prime minister (M/Y)

(8) July 1917

Provisional Government formed by members of Duma (D/M/Y)

2 March 1917

Assassination attempt on Lenin (M/Y)

August 1918

Lenin introduces the NEP (M/Y)

March 1921

International Women's Day protests (D/M/Y)

23 February 1917

Third Duma (Y)


The Kornilov Affair (M/Y)

(26) August 1917

Red Army established (M/Y)

(15) January 1918

Bolshevik decree on land (M/Y)

(8) November 1917

Lenin's 'testament' (Y)


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