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SC Journees of the Revolution

French Revolution date game
Directory begins (M/Y)
November 1795
Lamoignon remodels the parlements (M/Y)
May 1788
Revolutionary France declares war on Austria (D/M/Y)
20 April 1792
Seven Years War ends (Y)
First use of the guillotine (M/Y)
(25) April 1792
Louis XVI becomes king (Y)
Dismissal of Girondin ministers by Louis XVI (M/Y)
(13) June 1792
September Massacres (M/Y)
(2-6) September 1792
Dumouriez defects to the enemy (M/Y)
(5) April 1793
Overthrow of the monarchy and storming of the Tuileries (D/M/Y)
10 August 1792
Purge and arrest of 29 Girondin deputies of the Convention (D/M/Y)
2 June 1793
Brienne declares bankruptcy (M/Y)
August 1788
Final abolition of feudalism (M/Y)
(17) July 1793
Le Chapelier law prohibiting workers' associations and strikes (M/Y)
June 1791
Abolition of Maximum (M/Y)
December 1794
Arrest of Robespierre (D/M/Y)
27 July 1794
Aristocratic revolt (M/Y)
June or July 1788
20 leading Girondins executed (M/Y)
(31) October 1793
Arrest and execution of Hébertists (M/Y)
March 1794
Assassination of Marat (M/Y)
(13) July 1793
Tennis Court Oath (D/M/Y)
20 June 1789
Legislative Assembly meets for the first time (D/M/Y)
1 October 1791
Execution of Marie Antoinette (M/Y)
(16) October 1793
France allies with America in War of Independence (Y)
Civil Constitution of the Clergy (M/Y)
July 1790
Introduction of assignats (M/Y)
December 1789
Estates-General meet in 18th century (D/M/Y)
5 May 1789
Nobility abolished (M/Y)
June 1790
Creation of the Revolutionary Tribunal (M/Y)
(10) March 1793
Government declared 'revolutionary until the peace' (D/M/Y)
10 October 1793
Law of 22 Prairial: Great Terror begins (D/M/Y)
10 June 1794
King's flight to Varennes (D/M/Y)
20 June 1791
King orders estates to meet together and vote by head (D/M/Y)
27 June 1789
Feudalism and other privileges abolished (D/M/Y)
4 August 1789 (or 4th -11th)
France proclaimed a Republic (D/M/Y)
22 September 1792
Declaration of Pillnitz by Austria and Prussia threatening intervention (M/Y)
August 1791
Publication of What is the Third Estate? (M/Y)
January 1789
National Convention meets for the first time (D/M/Y)
20 September 1792
Robespierre joins the Committee of Public Safety (D/M/Y)
27 July 1793
Trial of Louis XVI begins (M/Y)
December 1792 (ends January 93)
Levee en masse declared: nation mobilised for war (M/Y)
(23) August 1793
Execution of Louis XVI (D/M/Y)
21 January 1793
'National Assembly' proclaimed by Third Estate (D/M/Y)
17 June 1789
Revolutionary France declares war on Great Britain and the Dutch Republic (M/Y)
February 1793
Revolt begins in the Vendee (M/Y)
(11) March 1793
Creation of the Committee of Public Safety (M/Y)
(6) April 1793
Necker's Compte Rendu (Y)
Battle of Valmy (D/M/Y)
20 September 1792
Lafayette joins the enemy (M/Y)
(19) August 1792
Louis XVI and National Assembly move from Versailles to Paris (D/M/Y)
5-6 October 1789
Sans-culottes invade the Tuileries: Louis wears red cap but maintains veto (D/M/Y)
20 June 1792
Decree of 'Patrie en danger' (Country in danger) (M/Y)
(11) July 1792
Nationalisation of church property (M/Y)
November 1789
Assembly of Notables meets, as recommended by Calonne (M/Y)
February 1787
General Maximum introduced (D/M/Y)
29 September 1793
Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen (D/M/Y)
26 August 1789
Terror is made the 'order of the day' (M/Y)
(5) September 1793
Execution of Danton and Desmoulins (D/M/Y)
5 April 1794
Brunswick Manifesto threatens revolutionaries and Paris (M/Y)
July 1792
Festival of the Supreme Being (M/Y)
(8) June 1794
Calonne is dismissed and replaced by Brienne (Y)
Beginning of the 'Great Fear' (M/Y)
July 1789
Champ de Mars massacre (D/M/Y)
17 July 1791
Paris Parlement demands 'forms of 1614' for Estates-General (M/Y)
September 1788
Necker dismissed for second time (D/M/Y)
11 July 1789
Peace of Paris ends the American War of Independence (Y)
'Royal Session' at the Estates-General (D/M/Y)
23 June 1789
Death of Mirabeau (M/Y)
April 1791
Decree requiring clergy to take an oath to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy (M/Y)
November 1790
Journees of Germinal and Prairial (Y)
Date on which the king ordered the privileged orders to join the National Assembly (D/M/Y)
27 June 1789
Death of the Dauphin (D/M/Y)
4 June 1789
'Day of Tiles' in Grenoble (D/M/Y)
7 June 1788