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Is when a bone marrow is taken from a close relative, so there is a genetic similarity


Is when a bone marrow is collected from the patient and later transplanted or reinfused back into the patient from whom it came


Surgical fusion of a joint with the goal of pain relief. It is often performed with a LAMINECTOMY (removal of the back part of vertebrae called the lamina)


decompression of intact nerves. A surgical procedure to repair or restore nerve


is a method of identifying a specific area or point in the brain

Burr Hole

is a small opening in the skull


Devices used to relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid buildup

(Shunts) CSF

Are the initials that indicate a shunting procedure

(Shunts) Craniectomy

Is a surgical REMOVAL of a portion of the cranium or skull (Remember "ectomy" means removal of)

(Shunts) Craniotomy

Is an incision of the skull or surgical operation in which a bone flap is removed from the skull, to access the brain (Remember "tomy" means to cut open)

(Shunts) Grafting Procedures

When coding a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure, it is common to also code grafting procedures

(Shunts) Grafting

is where the tissues of one plant are affixed to the tissues of another

(Shunts) Medical Grafting

A surgical procedure to transplant tissue without a blood supply


-50 For Bilateral procedures


-51 For multiple procedures / -62 For two surgeons


LT for left side (used to identify procedures performed on the left side of the body. If indicated on the CPT book regarding the left side, then don't use this modifier because it's ready in the code description)


RT for left side (used to identify procedures performed on the right side of the body. If indicated on the CPT book regarding the right side, then don't use this modifier because it's already in the code description)


NO modifier is used if one surgeon performs one task and another performs another task during the same surgical procedure

Example of No Modifier

Example one surgeon performs the opening, the second surgeon performs the definitive procedure (removal of the target tissue or lesion), and a third physician performs the closure.

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