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Minnie Earl Sears
developed a new standard list of subject headings
topical headings
Words/phrases for common things or concepts
Cutter's rule of specificity
compound headings
subject headings that consist of two nouns joined by "and"
prepositional headings
some concepts that involve two or more elements
form headings
Describes the form of a work, not the subject content
personal names
usually established in the inverted form, with dates
cross references
to call users' attention to materials related to the topics being consulted
library of congress subject headings
developed by the Library of Congress
pattern headings
Representative headings which are to be used as guides in developing similar subject headings with authorized subdivisions
free-floating subdivisions
subdivisions which may be used for any appropriate heading
used for
use the term which follows
broader term
related term
narrower term
see also (acronym)
year when Library of Congress Subject Headings was published
free-text searching
Use as an access point almost any of the words in a title or other searchable field
controlled vocabulary
Specific words or phrases designated as subject index terms
classified entry
Begins with the term on top of the hierarchy to which the subject belongs
dictionary specific catalog
Controlled heading for a subject
common usage prevails when it can be determined
// see
// use
equal to another term
see also
connects related headings
general references
group of headings instead of individual