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whap: revolutions in latin america


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those that support the return of royal families to power(opposes revolutionary ideas-freedom of speech)
those that support govt based on written constitution(support revolutionary ideas and natural rights- freedom of speech and religion)
those that support people with a common heritage(usually theirs)(support violent action to create change)
Spaniards born in spain
born in new spain of spanish parents (educated)
born of spanish and native american indian parents
born of spanish and african parents
Creoles and mestizos hate
mercantalist policies of spain and practice of giving the best govt jobs to peninsularies
haitian revolution
late 18th century; escaped slaves (maroons) began a revolt in haiti;toussaint l'overture revolted and was executed leading to his successor declaring freedom; french troops came down w yellow fever; becomes 1st la independentpemanently
toussaint l'overture
(haiti) creates declaration of independence for haiti, constitution w equality for all, declared himself governor for life, divides plantations up equaly, 1803- arrested, captured and executed after agreeing to a deal for independence; successor declares independence
father miguel hidalgo
mestizo lead movement is betrayed by mexican creoles who dont want to lose their land and power