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Unit 5 Utah's Government Structure


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Who is our governor?
Gary Herbert
Which branch of government administers the law?
Executive Branch
Who directs state government?
the governor
What can the governor do when it comes to bills?
He can present them to legislature, sign them, or veto them
The governor can forgive people of what?
Who keeps record of legislature, acts as governor when governor is out of the state?
Lieutenant Governor
Who directs spending of state money?
State Treasurer
Who looks after state's financial records?
State Auditor
Who does legal jobs for the Governor?
Attorney General
What are some State Boards, Departments, and Commissions in Utah?
Mining, Safety, agriculture, water, land use and preservation, education, etc.
Which branch of government makes the law?
Legislative branch (Legislature)
How many houses are in the legislative branch?
What are the names of the houses in the legislative branch?
Senate, House of Representatives
How many people sit in Utah's Senate?
How many people sit in the Utah's House of Representatives?
Which branch of government interprets and applies the laws?
Judicial Branch
Who has the final interpretation of Utah's Constitution?
Utah's Supreme Court
Which government (city or county) levies taxes, holds elections, carries out laws, buys property, builds buildings, handles public health, SCHOOLS, and libraries?
County Government
Which government (City or county) handles streets, parks, water, sewage, garbage disposal, snow removal, fire and police protection, and cemeteries?
City Government
What are the three types of city government?
1) Mayor-Commission
2) Mayor-Council (LIKE ALPINE!)
3) President-Town Board