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Unit 5: Becoming a State


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What are the first two political parties that Utah had?
Mormon's peoples party, Non-mormons Liberal Part
Mormons eventually joined what two parties?
Republican Party, Democrat Party
What is suffrage?
the right to vote in political elections.
What had to be included in Utah's state constitution?
State had to guarantee religious freedom
State had to prohibit plural marriage
State had to give up claim to federal and Indian lands in state borders
What did Utah get in return for including certain things in their constitution?
Four sections of land were guaranteed in every town to be used for:
Public Education
Public Buildings
What date did Utah gain its statehood?
JANUARY 4, 1896
Out of the 50 states, what number is Utah?
Who was president when Utah became a state?
Grover Cleveland
When Utah became a state, how did people celebrate?
Utah national guard marched to capitol hill, ceremony in the tabernacle, chorus of a thousand children, huge flag, new state song "Utah we love thee" etc.
Who was Martha Maria Hughes Cannon?
a Welsh-born immigrant to the United States, a physician, Utah women's rights advocate and suffragist, and Utah state senator. In 1896 Cannon became the first female state senator elected in the United States, defeating her own husband, who was also on the ballot.
What was Utah's first capital?
FIllmore, Utah
What was Utah's second capital?
Salt Lake City
What is Utah's state emblem?
The beehive. Do you know why?
What is Utah's motto?
What is Utah's mineral?
What is Utah's state bird?
The California Gull
What is Utah's state tree?
The quaking aspen
What is the state flower?
Sego lily