9 terms

chapter 4, lesson 1

Christopher Columbus
first landed in the Americas while looking for a route to Asia
John Cabot
an Italian explorer who landed in Canada while trying reach Asia by sailing across the Atlantic; he found a rich fishing area
Giovanni da Verrazano
an Italian sea captain who was sent by France to look for a Northwest Passage
Jacques Cartier
sent by France to find a water route to Asia and sailed far up the St. Lawrence River in Canada
Samuel de Champlain
founded a fur-trading post on the St. Lawrence River that he called Quebec which became the first permanent settlement in North America
Henry Hudson
an English captian sent by the Dutch who sailed up the Hudson River in New York; he found the Hudson Bay that he thought might lead to the Pacific
Fancis Drake
an English sea captain who attacked many Spanish ships and gave the gold to Queen Elizabeth; led England to defeat the Spanish Armada
Spanish Armada
a large fleet of 130 Spanish ships that were sent to England in 1588 to attack England; these ships were chased away and defeated
King Philip
Spanish king that was part of the Counter Reformation that tried to spread the Catholic religion