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  1. Agonize
  2. Boondoggle
  3. Oscillate
  4. Embark
  5. Flout
  1. a to experience great anguish or worry
  2. b to begin a journey
  3. c to move from side to side (like a pendulum)
  4. d to waste time with trivial tasks
  5. e to defy a rule or order

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  1. to become smaller and weaker due to lack of use
  2. to set free
  3. to stick to; to hold fast
  4. to prevent people from entering; to rope off or block
  5. to walk from place to place

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  1. Pilferto steal


  2. Convertto return to a previous state or condition


  3. Arbitrateto decide (usually between two options)


  4. Perishto die


  5. Witherto be indecisive