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  1. Reap
  2. Articulate
  3. Sift
  4. Entail
  5. Vilify
  1. a to put into words
  2. b to involve as a necessary part
  3. c to sort through, to separate particles
  4. d to portray someone evil or criminal
  5. e to gather; to harvest

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  1. to be indecisive
  2. to assign or distribute a portion
  3. to place in battle for motion or appropriate position
  4. to criticize or repremand
  5. to die

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  1. Emancipateto set free


  2. Jeerto make rude and mocking remarks


  3. Defenestrateto free from blame; to find not guilty


  4. Scaldto criticize or repremand


  5. Hoardto collect and hide away