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  1. Chide
  2. Denounce
  3. Oscillate
  4. Allude
  5. Omit
  1. a to refer to indirectly
  2. b to move from side to side (like a pendulum)
  3. c to question someone's credibility
  4. d to leave out
  5. e to scold or criticize

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  1. to occupy a place
  2. to move by twisting like a worm
  3. to portray someone evil or criminal
  4. to put into words
  5. to return to a previous state or condition

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  1. Emancipateto set free


  2. Jostleto support, to strengthen


  3. Ditherto be indecisive


  4. Hoardto collect and hide away


  5. Mollifyto make someone feel better; to soothe


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