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  1. Attain
  2. Emit
  3. Behoove
  4. Aspire
  5. Deploy
  1. a to place in battle for motion or appropriate position
  2. b to give off; to release
  3. c to benefit
  4. d to direct one's hopes and efforts towards achieving a goal
  5. e to achieve or receive/earn

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  1. to make secret plans to commit wrongful acts
  2. to move by twisting like a worm
  3. to remove from entanglements
  4. to cause someone to be hostile
  5. to spend foolishly; to waste

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  1. Alludeto refer to indirectly


  2. Secedeto avoid capture


  3. Chideto avoid a task or obligation


  4. Iterateto free from blame; to find not guilty


  5. Ambulateto move in waves