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  1. Articulate
  2. Spelunk
  3. Wither
  4. Emit
  5. Extricate
  1. a to give off; to release
  2. b to become dry due to age
  3. c to explore caves
  4. d to put into words
  5. e to remove from entanglements

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  1. to perform or utter repeatedly
  2. to enter restricted space; to intrude
  3. to experience great anguish or worry
  4. to move from side to side (like a pendulum)
  5. to achieve or receive/earn

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  1. Wriggleto stir or mix up


  2. Employto place in battle for motion or appropriate position


  3. Prohibitto govern; to rule over


  4. Vilifyto portray someone evil or criminal


  5. Inundateto pronounce clearly


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