Module 17

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Cognitive Learning Theory

An approach to the study of learning that focuses on the thought processes that underlie learning.

Latent Learning

Learning in which a new behavior is acquired but is not demonstrated until some incentive is provided for displaying it. (learning without being reinforced)

Tolman's demonstration

mouse maze


Tolman's demonstration that had steady amount of errors


Tolman's demonstration that had lower number of errors


Tolman's demonstration that had immediate reduction of errors after receiving reward.

Bandura's thoery of observational learning

Learning by observing the behavior of another person, or model

BOBO doll

the study where children watch adults hitting the doll and then the children hit the doll

Modeling and video-game playing

Media Violence is likely to increase viewers aggressive behvior by providing numerous agressive models.

Learning styles

Characteristic ways of approaching material, based on their cultural background and unique pattern of abilities.

Relational Learning Style

Master material best through exposure to a full unit or phenomenon

Analytical learning style

- do best when they can carry out an initial analysis of the principles and components underlying a phenomenon or situation

Latent Learning

Suppose that you are dropped off at a large mall without money and merely wander around casually looking at the stores and displays. Later, someone asks you where a particular store is located in the mall. The fact that you can direct the person to the store indicates that _____ has occurred.

cognitive map

A widely accepted explanation for latent learning is that an animal or person builds a _____ while exploring his or her surroundings.

latent learning

actual learning may not be apparent in observable behavior. This is the core concept of blank .


Jennifer watched her mother making chocolate chip cookies but never helped to bake cookies herself. When she moved to her own apartment, Jennifer found that she actually was able to make the recipe without difficulty. Jennifer demonstrated which type of learning?


Parents are rightfully concerned about the people in their community who serve as leaders for scout troops, school clubs, or church youth groups because adult leaders serve as _____. Their behavior may be imitated by the children they lead.


People do not always demonstrate the behaviors that they observe. According to Albert Bandura, a social cognitive psychologist, what is the key to demonstrating observed behaviors?

Observational learning

According to which theory does learning occur through a process of watching others perform behaviors for which they are reinforced?

mental maps

Tolman's rats were able to run a maze with few errors after reinforcement was introduced. He hypothesized that the previously unrewarded rats had developed _____ related to spatial structure of the maze.

breaking it down into parts

People with analytical learning style are able to acquire new information by

see the aggressor get punished

Children are less likely to model aggressive behaviors viewed on TV or in movies if they:

Latent Learning

Suppose that you at a large, new mall and merely wander around casually looking at the stores and displays. Later, someone asks you where a particular store is located in the mall. The fact that you can direct the person to the store indicates that _____ has occurred

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